A Must-Read Watergate Book

“The system worked,” Carl Bernstein’s famous assessment of Watergate, turns out to be completely wrong. Powerful new evidence reveals that in the most consequential scandal in American history, virtually nothing worked as intended. The real Watergate scandal is how our Constitution and Bill of Rights were deliberately trashed in the successful effort to realign political power, drive President Nixon from office, and imprison his senior aides.

Working from internal documents he recently uncovered at the National Archives, Shepard exposes judicial and prosecutorial misconduct that has remained hidden for four decades. Secret meetings, secret memos and secret collusion culminated in false accusations leveled against our thirty-seventh President by the Watergate Special Prosecutor. Shepard also reveals abuses that taint the convictions of Nixon’s top aides: John Ehrlichman, H. R. Haldeman, and John Mitchell.

This book will challenge everything you think you know about the Watergate scandal.

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