Appendix Documents

  1. Key Watergate Dates
  2. Woodward’s Notes from Jaworski Interview of 12/5/74
  3. Jaworski Letter to Judge Sirica of December 27, 1973, confirming ex parte meeting with four prosecutors on December 14th.
  4. Lacovara Memorandum to Jaworski of January 21, 1974, urging separate ex parte meeting with Sirica to gain his concurrence in the grand jury sending a report to the House Judiciary Committee.
  5. Jaworski Memo to Confidential Watergate File of February 12, 1974, detailing ex parte meeting with Sirica of the day before.
  6. Wilson Letter to Sirica of March 12, 1974, asking about private meetings with WSPF prosecutors.
  7. Ruth Memorandum to Jaworski of February 19, 1974, discussing timing of the indictment, with handwritten response from Jaworski noting “Judge Sirica expects it.”
  8. Jaworski Memo to Confidential Watergate File about Events of March 1, 1974, details his ex parte meetings with Sirica that preceded and followed the hearing where the indictment was announced.
  9. Lacovara Memo to Jaworski, “Criminal Responsibility for Joining Ongoing Conspiracy,” January 7, 1974, confirming WSPF’s belief that Nixon had ordered Hunt’s blackmail demands be met.
  10. Draft Jaworski Memo to Ruth of January 21, 1974, criticizing WSPF prosecutors as believing that “the President must be reached at all cost.”
  11. Kennedy/Johnson DOJ Chart
  12. Rient Memo to Ben-Veniste of February 6, 1974, detailing some sixteen material discrepancies between Dean’s Senate testimony and what was on the White House tapes, which was prepared following Jaworski’s public assertion that they knew of no reason to question Dean’s veracity.
  13. Watergate Final Decisions Memo of February 20, 1974, containing extensive discussions and dissent regarding Jaworski’s decision to omit Bittman from the indictment.
  14. Lacovara Memo to Jaworski, “Status of Charles Colson in Watergate Case,” February 22, 1974, detailing reasons why he, Ruth and Kreindler opposed naming Colson in the indictment.
  15. Denny/Rient Memo to Files of November 15, 1973
  16. Denny Handwritten Notes of October 10, 1973, noting that Glanzer and Campbell statement that Dean had indicated to them that “H was clean and E’s involvement was restrained.”
  17. Watergate-Related Appeals to DC Circuit, showing that all criminal appeals from Judge Sirica were heard sua sponte en banc, but none from Judge Gesell.