Beginning in January, 2010, Geoff Shepard, along with Frank Gannon and support staff from the Richard Nixon Foundation, began arranging and producing a series of Nixon Legacy Forums.

The forums focus on policy initiatives of the Nixon Administration and feature discussions among administration members who worked on them—and helped create the documents and other materials now available to scholars and researchers at the Richard Nixon Library.

These forums are best seen as an overview of particular policy initiatives, which can then be followed up by more detailed research by those interested in learning more about a particular topic.

They are co-sponsored by the National Archives and the Richard Nixon Foundation. Many also have been broadcast on C-Span’s American History channel.

The forums, over thirty to date, have been arranged into three groupings. (All personnel titles are during the Nixon administration, unless otherwise noted.)

I.  Foreign Affairs:  Launching the Golden Age of Diplomacy

II.  Domestic Affairs:  Pursuit of a Just Society

III.  Structural Initiatives:  Laying the Foundation for the Modern Presidency