Geoff will be promoting his book, The Real Watergate Scandal, over the next few months. It has consistently appeared near the top in Amazon’s ranking of books about the Judicial Branch.

Radio & Television

Since the release of The Real Watergate Scandal, Geoff has done over 30 radio interviews along with a cameo appearance on Fox & Friends and an hour-long presentation on C-Span’s Book TV. In 2019, Geoff taught a course at Temple University, and two of his lectures aired on C-Span.

Video Presentations

Five of Geoff’s presentations have been video-taped and are available online:

Law School Presentations

Geoff has been invited to speak on Watergate and the Constitution at nineteen law schools thus far (Alabama, Brooklyn, Cal-Western, Campbell University, Columbia, Drake, Duke, Florida International University, Georgetown, George Washington, Harvard, NYU, Ole Miss, Pepperdine, Temple, University of Chicago, University of Washington, Southwestern and William & Mary), as well as to other lawyer groups.

Other Appearances