Major Players and Events

Chapter 1: The Gathering Storm: Events Culminating in the Watergate Break-in

Chapter 2: The Watergate Break-in: Tempting the Deep State

Chapter 3: Origins of the Cover-up

Chapter 4: Sirica’s Search for “Truth”: The Break-in Trial

Chapter 5: Dean Switches Sides: The Collapse of the Cover-up

Chapter 6: Nixon Cleans House: Senior Staff Casualties

Chapter 7: Cox’s Army: The Watergate Special Prosecution Force

Chapter 8: The Ervin Committee: Conduct of a Legislative Trial

Chapter 9: Butterfield Spills the Beans: Revelation of Nixon’s Taping System

Chapter 10: The Saturday Night Massacre: Richardson’s Showy Resignation

Chapter 11: The 18-Minute Gap: An Unresolved Conundrum

Chapter 12: Indict and Impeach: Jaworski Gets Rolled

Chapter 13: The Road Map: The Secret Report that Sank Nixon

Chapter 14: Nixon Unveiled: How Releasing the Tape Transcripts Backfired

Chapter 15: U.S. v: Nixon: The Supreme Court Weighs In

Chapter 16: The House Impeachment Inquiry: Congress Piles On

Chapter 17: Nixon’s Demise: Two Weeks that Changed the World

Chapter 18: The Cover-up Trial: Prosecuting Nixon in Absentia

Chapter 19: The Real Smoking Gun: Unsealing the Road Map

Chapter 20: It Didn’t Have to Happen: What If Nixon Hadn’t Resigned?


Notes and Sources

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