Part One:  The Historical Context

Chapter 1:  The Development of Domestic Intelligence

Chapter 2:  U.S.–Vietnam Relations

Chapter 3:  Intelligence and Domestic Dissent (1964-1968)

Part Two:  The Enduring Poison of the Vietnam War

Chapter 4:  Macbeth Stalks the Pentagon: Compilation of the Pentagon Papers

Chapter 5:  Nixon’s Initial Efforts to End the War

Chapter 6:  Suspicions Confirmed:  The Papers’ Dramatic Publication

Chapter 7:  Jumping the Shark:  the Fielding Break-in

Part Two:  Troublesome Precedents:  Revelations of the Church Committee

Chapter 8:  The Church Committee’s Quest for a Mission

Chapter 9:  Sunshine as a Disinfectant: Choosing Publicity over Reform

Part Four:  The Hypocrisy of the Plumbers Prosecution

Chapter 10:  Creation of the Plumber Task Force

Chapter 11: Indictment and Early Maneuvering

Chapter 12:  Trial and Appeal

Part Five:  The Cycle of History

Chapter 13:  The Elasticity of “Unreasonable” Search and Seizure

Chapter 14:  Beware the Messianic Reformers