Posted In: News on June 24, 2022

Geoff contributed a chapter to The Journal of History & Deep Politics in their latest Watergate issue. His chapter is on the legal malfeasance of Special Prosecutors Archibald Cox and Leon Jaworski and of Chief Judge John Sirica

Complete journal description:

Watergate Book

The Journal of History & Deep Politics is a 50th-anniversary retrospective of Watergate. In this issue, author Jim Hougan looks at Lou Russell and his involvement as “the sixth man;” James DiEugenio addresses the oddly silent death of James McCord and gives a belated, proper retrospective of his work with the CIA; Ray Locker looks back at the activities of Donald Segretti, focusing on their real impact on Watergate; Robert Gettlin describes obtaining the Welander Confession from John Ehrlichman; Geoff Shepard discusses the legal malfeasance of Cox, Sirica, and Jaworski; David Denton writes about the recent documents that describe E. Howard Hunt’s deteriorating relationship with the CIA; Phil Stanford describes the White House Call Girl Ring and what its relative impact on the second Watergate break-in was; Edgar F. Tatro takes an important, critical look at the totality of Leon Jaworski’s career; James Rosen eulogizes Len Colodny; and Mal Hyman addresses the CIA’s impact on the media in the post-Watergate era.

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