Posted In: News on November 5, 2018

On November 5th, Geoff filed an additional Motion before Judge Howell to request to unseal grand jury transcripts regarding what Watergate prosecutors told grand jurors.

The belief is these documents will reveal that prosecutors told grand jurors to:

• Name President Nixon as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Watergate cover-up.

• Adopt prosecutors’ Roadmap as their own and urge that it be transmitted to the House of Representatives.

It is Shepard’s view that the Roadmap is the product of a corrupt bargain between Watergate prosecutors and Judge Sirica—and that its disclosure will show that they assured grand jurors, in secret, that they could prove that President Nixon had personally approved a monetary payment to Howard Hunt, in order to buy his continued silence—but were mistaken and unable to prove this allegation when their witnesses were testifying under oath and subject to cross-examination.

Read motion to narrow request for unsealing here.

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