Posted In: News on April 23, 2024

Geoff appeared on America’s Untold Stories, with Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert. The episode title is “From Chappaquiddick to Watergate – Ted Kennedy vs Richard Nixon w/ Geoff Shepard.”

Join Mark Groubert and Eric Hunley of America’s Untold Stories as they sit down for an exclusive interview with Geoff Shepard to delve into the intriguing dynamics between Ted Kennedy and Richard Nixon in the aftermath of the Chappaquiddick incident. In this gripping discussion, Geoff Shepard sheds light on the behind-the-scenes manipulations orchestrated by Ted Kennedy as he sought to dismantle Richard Nixon following the derailment of his own presidential aspirations in 1972. Discover the untold stories and hidden agendas that shaped this pivotal moment in American history, as Geoff Shepard provides unprecedented insights into the relentless efforts of Ted Kennedy to undermine his political adversary. Gain a deeper understanding of the intricate power plays and maneuverings that unfolded in the wake of Chappaquiddick, ultimately influencing the course of both men’s legacies.

Geoff appears at the 14:50 mark. Watch now.

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