Posted In: News on November 29, 2016

Geoff Shepard presented his Case Study Regarding Ex Parte Communications to three dozen federal judges of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania at their November 15th Retreat.  The study documents eight examples of secret meetings which Watergate trial judge John Sirica had with prosecutors prior to the Watergate cover-up trial.  Also participating in the panel were District Judge Paul Diamond, author of Federal Grand Jury Practice and Procedure, and NYU Ethics Professor Stephen Gillers.

Here are the background materials used in connection with the case study, which will also be presented to the Ninth Circuit’s Mid-Winter Workshop for judges in Tucson on January 30th.

One thought on “Geoff Shepard Presents Case Study to Federal Judges of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

  1. Jonathan David DeViney


    Thank you for your relentless pursuit of justice for President Nixon and his wrongly-convicted aids. Your work on the REAL scandal is not merely a testament to loyalty (although it is that, in part) but is a powerful statement on right being right regardless of time elapsed.

    As my economics studies continue at Penn State concurrently with my own media works, I will be keeping a keen eye on these proceedings. May God continue to bless you and your noble efforts.

    Very respectfully,

    Jonathan D. DeViney

    New Orleans, Louisiana


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