Posted In: News on July 8, 2024

Geoff Shepard’s documentary, which premieres on August 8th, is currently featured in a Fox News article titled “‘Watergate Secrets and Betrayals’ film aims to prove Nixon’s demise was ‘orchestrated’ by political enemies.”

Here’s an excerpt:

The man behind the new documentary, “Watergate Secrets and Betrayals: Orchestrating Nixon’s Demise,” believes Americans are generally “misinformed” about the infamous Watergate scandal and President Nixon’s resignation.

“Watergate Secrets and Betrayals,” written and directed by George Bugatti, is based on the works of Geoff Shepard, who worked as deputy counsel on Nixon’s Watergate defense team. Shepard said he uncovered proof that high-powered government officials coordinated to run Nixon out of office, and his findings are laid out in the film.

“If the public knew then what I know now, what is unassailable, factual material, Nixon wouldn’t have had to resign, and his people wouldn’t have been convicted,” Shepard told Fox News Digital.

Read the full article.

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