Posted In: News, Watergate Essays on August 30, 2021

Geoff’s piece titled “Seeds of the Watergate Scandal” was featured in the Impeachment Notebook section of The American Spectator.

Here’s an excerpt:

Labor Day marks the 50th anniversary of Watergate’s origins, which grew into the greatest political scandal in our history, resulting in President Richard Nixon’s resignation, along with conviction of two dozen members of his administration.

Daniel Ellsberg, who was employed by the RAND Corporation, had leaked the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times, which promptly began printing excerpts. It was the greatest national security leak since World War II and Nixon was furious. Worse, Ellsberg was said to have access to 54,000 pages of other classified documents. A special investigations unit was formed within the White House and tasked with ascertaining Ellsberg’s intensions, as well as stopping future leaks. They nicknamed themselves the “Plumbers.”

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