The real Watergate scandal is how our Constitution and Bill of Rights were trashed in the successful effort to realign political power, drive Nixon from office, and imprison his top aides.

The book raises five essential issues:

  1. Did the false accusations by the special prosecutor, that President Nixon had personally ordered that Howard Hunt’s blackmail demands be met, which were made in secret to Watergate grand jurors and House Judiciary Committee members, play a major role in bringing about Nixon’s demise?
  2. Can a judge who met secretly with prosecutors or other interested parties on at least a dozen occasions and falsely sentenced the government’s lead prosecution witness to a harsh prison sentence for the admitted purpose of increasing his credibility with the jury be expected to be fair and impartial after he appoints himself as trial judge?
  3. Were the actions of the Watergate Special Prosecution Force in selectively indicting only Republicans and hiding exculpatory evidence from their defense counsel within the bounds of prosecutorial discretion?
  4. Did the cover-up defendants have their guilt determined by an untainted and unbiased jury of their peers?
  5. Was the Circuit Court of Appeals acting within its proper discretion to hear all appeals from Judge Sirica’s Watergate criminal trials en banc, but none of Judge Gesell’s, which preserved their liberal dominance?

Appreciating these issues may forever change your views of Watergate.