Posted In: News on August 22, 2023

Nixon's Drug Abuse Initiatives (Part III) In response to the growing drug abuse problem in the late 1960s and early 1970s, President Richard Nixon’s created America’s first Drug Czar; enhanced law enforcement; and centralized programs for drug abuse education, treatment, rehabilitation, research, and training. In this third forum, the same panelists look back after fifty years. (August 22, 2023, Nixon Library, Yorba Linda, CA)

Title: Nixon’s Drug Abuse Initiatives (Part III), Looking Back After Fifty Years.


Moderator: Geoff Shepard, Domestic Council Associate Director (1970-1975)


  • John Coleman, a 33-year career officer with the Federal Bureau of Narcotics;
  • Jeffrey Donfeld, Assistant Director, Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention (1972-73)
  • Dr. Robert DuPont, Founding Administrator, Narcotics Treatment Administration (1970-73)

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