Posted In: News on October 19, 2015

Geoff’s OpEd is featured on TownHall this week. The article is titled “Report of the Watergate Prosecutors: High-Toned but Deliberately Misleading.”

Here’s an excerpt:

October 16 marks the fortieth anniversary of the final report of the Watergate Special Prosecution Force (WSPF)—the liberal elites’ victory lap after driving President Richard Nixon from office, imprisoning his aides, and realigning political power without the inconvenience of an election.

As more and more evidence of prosecutorial misconduct has emerged from documents at National Archives, it’s fitting to take another look at what the WSPF claimed in its report and what it left out.

Describing itself as “an independent investigatory and prosecutive agency within the Department of Justice,” the WSPF boasted of the “unprecedented number of high Government officials” to whom “judges and juries have applied criminal sanctions.” It failed to note the selective nature of its prosecutions, which were brought only against Republicans, and did not mention the series of highly improper secret meetings that prosecutors had with at least three federal judges before they applied those criminal sanctions.

Read the Full Article.

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