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James Arlandson, of American Thinker, published a review of The Real Watergate Scandal.

Geoff Shepard has written an important book, The Real Watergate Scandal: Collusion, Conspiracy, and the Plot that Brought Nixon Down.  It will probably go a long way to restore President Nixon’s and his administration’s reputation.

My father, were he still alive, would like that very much.

I come at this entire Watergate topic from a personal observation.  I was just a kid when I saw Nixon resign on TV on August 8, 1974.  I can still recall my father muttering something like, “Looks like those SOBs finally got him.”  Those SOBs were the news media and the three-ring circus they created and the left generally, or the Democrats.

My father could see that no one was getting a fair trial (except presumably the burglars).  How could their silly antics in the re-election of Nixon, who won in an historic landslide, 49-1, go all the way to the president unless there were leaps in logic and the law?  My father was a very intelligent working-class man, but he knew nothing of the details of the legalities.

So in a small way, I offer this review in honor of him.  If Shepard is right, and the evidence is strong that he is, then my father was also right.

Read the rest of this analysis on American Thinker.

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