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Saint John Hunt recently published an article about The Real Watergate Scandal. Here’s an excerpt:

Geoff Shepard’s highly readable and well researched book “The Real Watergate Scandal” isn’t like any other Watergate related book I’ve ever read. The title refers not to the scandal of what Nixon and company may or may not have done, or what was known or ordered by whom and on what date, it’s referring to the criminal actions by the Watergate prosecutors and Judges to railroad the defendants, and illegally control the direction and outcome of the trial. The fact that the special prosecutors met in secret sessions, behind closed doors with three Federal Judges is one of many instances of judicial misconduct. If these back room deals would have been exposed at the time, the entire case would have been thrown out and the guilty lawyers and judges would have at least been stripped or suspended from practicing law.

Read the full article on The Stone Zone.

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