Posted In: News on April 23, 2024

Geoff Shepard’s book, The Real Watergate Scandal, was featured in the Willapa Harbor Herald in a section titled “Red Pen: Coup” by Becky Noem. Here’s an excerpt:

The federal judiciary, the department of justice, and the congressional staff worked in unison to create lawfare that took a sitting President out. At the same time the villains were hailed as heroes. Without a vigorous and independent press, the secret meetings and coordination. Shepard uncovered the paper trail of documents that started to surface at the national archives once uncovered shows Nixon did not stand a chance because of the secret coordination. Meetings were taking place with judges, attorneys, and staff. The Watergate commission was created for its sole purpose to take Nixon out; it had 100 people out of those 60 were lawyers. Once a few players passed away documents began to surface in 2013 of which they were not supposed to have. One being the Watergate Confidential files retrieved by national archives. Shepard discovers week by week notes, what is happening internally by the prosecutor. More files surfaced in 2015 and 2018. Through a FOIA, Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, Shepard was able to uncover what is called the road map to Nixon’s impeachment which once uncovered is easily refuted. By the way, they wanted this hidden for 40 years.

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