Appendix Documents

  1. Frampton memo to FILES of November 2, 1973 concerning Interview with John Dean
  2. Undated, unattributed handwritten notes from WSPF file labeled Dean Violations
  3. June 4, 1973 memo to Cox concerning Post Watergate Trial Grand Jury Testimony
  4. Cox memo to Neal of June 14th asking for daily briefing planned Watergate activities
  5. Cox memo to Silbert team of June 15th regarding Neal’s involvement
  6. Glanzer memo to Silbert of June 12, 1973 recounting conversation with Charles Shaffer
  7. Silbert memo to Cox of June 5, 1973 concerning News Media Publicity re Henry Petersen
  8. Vorenberg memo to File of June 14, 1973 concerning Senator Weicker
  9. Hand-typed memo dated March 26, 1973 entitled “JOHN DEAN III, From Liddy” with initials “JWMc” (James W McCord)
  10. Neal memo to Heymann of June 11, 1973 concerning Robert Davis
  11. Heymann memo of June 18, 1973 concerning Some Steps that Should be Taken in Watergate Prosecution
  12. WSPF Guidelines issued by Attorney General Elliott Richardson on May 18, 1973
  13. Titus statement of May 24, 1973, concerning status of Watergate
  14. Draft of Cox letter of May 29th
  15. Cox memo to Petersen of May 25, 1973 requesting copies of all communication with US Attorney Titus
  16. HLS Professor John Ely memo to Cox of May 31, 1973 concerning whether sitting President can be called before a Grand Jury
  17. Department of Justice Press Release of May 29, 1973 containing statement by Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox
  18. Heymann memo of July 24, 1973, concerning systematically calling all staff assistants in for interviews
  19. Lacovara’s memo of February 6, 1974 to Ben-Veniste concerning Possible Charges Against William Bittman
  20. Neal memo of August 15, 1973 concerning Plumbers Task Force Schedule
  21. Denny/Rient memo to Files of November 15, 1973
  22. Neal memo of October 2, 1974 concerning John Dean’s Contacts and Information Imparted to the Original Prosecutors
  23. Frampton/Hecht memo of November 30, 1973, concerning Dean Subpoena, along with Hecht memo of January 30, 1974 concerning Provision of Copies of Dean’s Documents to Dean
  24. Lacovara memo to Jaworski of September 13, 1974 concerning Validity of Pardon of Former President, along with Jaworski memo in response
  25. Campaign Finance Task Force introduction from WSPF Report of October, 1974
  26. McBride memo to Jaworski of August 19, 1974, concerning Your Inquiry of Today