“Hush Money” Distribution Chart: This is the chart the prosecutors used at the cover-up trial to show the distribution of funds to the Watergate break-in defendants.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Special Prosecutor: These are the “Guidelines” required by the Senate Judiciary Committee as a condition of confirming Elliott Richardson as Attorney General

John Dean’s Financial Statement: This is the financial statement submitted by John Dean on July 25, 1974, as a part of his pre-sentence report

Charles Colson Letter: This is the letter I received from Chuck Colson after he had read my first book. He didn’t live to see the second book, which contains documents showing just how wrongful the special prosecutors’ actions were in including him in their cover-up indictment. See Book II, Appendix M and N.

Cox Proposal for Third Party Authentication: This is the Cox proposal of September 20, 1973, offering a compromise on the litigation over the grand jury subpoena of nine White House tapes. It was not publicly disclosed, but became the basis for much of the Stennis Compromise, which Cox rejected out of hand.