Chapter 1     Two Summer Nights: The Bridge at Chappaquiddick and the Watergate Break-in

Chapter 2     Watergate: What Really Happened – And Why

Chapter 3     The Hidden Hand of Edward Kennedy

Chapter 4     Kennedy Politics: Long Memories and Sharp Knives

Chapter 5     John Dean’s Cover-up Collapses

Chapter 6     The Camelot Conspiracy Commences

Chapter 7     Obstructing Justice: Postponing Dean’s Indictment

Chapter 8     The Pious Fraud of the Ervin Committee

Chapter 9     First Blood: John Dean Testifies

Chapter 10     The Ervin Committee Pioneers the Politics of Personal Destruction

Chapter 11     The Watergate Special Prosecutor and the Terrors of Prosecutorial Abuse

Chapter 12     Cox’s Army of Ivy Leaguers

Chapter 13     Friends in High Places: Unusual Handling of William O. Bittman, Esq.

Chapter 14     The Denny/Rient Memo: The Special Prosecutor’s Own “Smoking Gun”

Chapter 15     The Media Invents a Massacre

Chapter 16     Impeaching a President: The House Judiciary Committee Joins the Camelot Conspiracy

Chapter 17     The Liberal Media: Long-term Enablers of the Kennedy Clan

Chapter 18     Stage One of the Camelot Conspiracy: Destroying the President

Chapter 19     Stage Two of the Camelot Conspiracy: Crippling the Republican Money Machine

Chapter 20     Stage Three of the Camelot Conspiracy: Eviscerating Potential Opponents

Chapter 21     The Weakest Link: Teddy Kennedy Self-Destructs

Chapter 22     The Camelot Conspiracy Today: From Edward Kennedy to Hillary R. Clinton

List of Appendices