Posted In: News on July 10, 2024

Watergates Secrets and Betrayals

A new documentary, “Watergate Secrets and Betrayals,” based on research by Geoff Shepard, is set to premiere on August 8, 2024.

On the fiftieth anniversary of the resignation of President Richard Nixon, “Watergate Secrets and Betrayals” unveils the hidden, secret documents behind America’s most infamous political scandal.

Narrated by actor John O’Hurley and based on the groundbreaking research of former White House lawyer Geoff Shepard, this documentary is set to change everything we were told about Watergate.

What’s changed for many Americans is the realization that the use of criminal investigations and prosecutions against a political enemy (today’s  “Lawfare”) may lie at the heart of the Watergate Scandal, which voided Nixon’s 1972 landslide re-election.

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