Posted In: News on August 16, 2017

  • Mitchell denied everything, claiming no involvement whatsoever.
  • Magruder claimed Mitchell was the motivating factor — that he had personally expressed dissatisfaction with the fruits of the intelligence plan in front of Liddy, who immediately agreed to remedy the situation (ie:  to fix the non-functioning bug in O’Brien’s office). 
  • Liddy remained silent throughout the scandal’s unfolding, but his later book (written after the statute of limitations had tolled) claimed that Magruder had sent them back in – saying he wanted to know precisely what O’Brien was thinking about.
  • Len Colodny, in his book Silent Coup, lays all the blame on Dean.
  • Liddy then adjusted his account, agreeing with Colodny that it was Dean who had been leaning on Magruder.
  • There is no written record, so additional evidence is unlikely to emerge.  With Mitchell and Magruder dead, this question just isn’t going to be answered at this point.

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