Posted In: News on June 16, 2015

  • It seems clear that our Constitution envisioned the House of Representatives undertaking its own impeachment investigation.  The idea that a group from within the President’s own Department of Justice might do all of the ground work does not appear to have occurred to them. 
  • Zeifman’s 1994 book claimed the HJC investigation was controlled by Senator Kennedy’s supporters, who preferred a damaged Nixon limping into the 1976 election.  He says they were just marking time and undertook no real investigation on their own.
  • Jaworski’s statements to Woodward during their December, 1974 interview (Appendix B in Book II) indicate his belief that the HJC investigation was superficial and that the WSPF prosecutors did all of the real investigating – which they secretly made available to the Committee.
  • We may not know for sure until the HJC internal records are released in 2024.

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